Douglas Quarry
"Your source for High Specification Aggregate"
Wyoming State Certified Quarry
100% Crushed Rock
*Non-Limestone Quarry*
*Durable Granitized Rock Source*
The only quarry in Converse County producing a superior quartzite based rock product!

Experience, Accuracy, Innovation

About Us

History of Douglas Quarry

1989 - The land was purchased from Henry Gednney. The land was operated as a Family Ranch and Homestead.
2000 - Testing began on quality of the Stone Face in the Quarry, the old fashioned way.  Several samples were placed in buckets of water for years at a time. This procedure determines the hardness and vitality of the stone as an aggregate source.
2001 - The permit process begins.
2005 – The Federal mineral purchase happened along with BLM (Bureau of Land Management), our Air Quality permit was included in this process and the Quarry was ready to crush 280,000 cubic tons a year, as a Small Mine.
2010 - The Quarry was leased out during the rapidly growing Oil and Gas Industry phase. The Quarry was producing high quality durabase and stone for all aspects of the construction industry.
2014 - The Quarry was re-leased to the long standing construction company, Russell Construction. Bill Russell the owner brought in Oftedal Construction as the crushing crew  This gave the Douglas Quarry the ability to have a full time crusher.  
2015 - Douglas Quarry has become one of Wyoming's State Certified Quarries. Many of our materials meet or exceed state specifications.  Growth is something that Russell Construction is looking forward to in the near future. Our new Dust Suppressant is going to change the way we look at all gravel roads and their maintenance in the future. Our Dust Suppressant will extend the life cycle and environmental capability of all gravel surface roads.