Douglas Quarry
"Your source for High Specification Aggregate"
Wyoming State Certified Quarry
100% Crushed Rock
*Non-Limestone Quarry*
*Durable Granitized Rock Source*
The only quarry in Converse County producing a superior quartzite based rock product!

Experience, Accuracy, Innovation

Aggregate Specifications
Provided to Douglas Quarry by Robert Kayser
 1. Gradation Specifications - standard and custom gradation specifications can be supplied for any customers needs.  Blended aggregates suitable for road base are also available.
2. Quarry source rock - is a pure and very hard Quartzite.  Quartzite has a Mohs scale hardness of 7 (on a scale of 10) as opposed to limestone/carbonate based competitive material with a hardness of 3.
3. Physical Quality Test - 
  • WyDot Insoluble residue test - yielded 99.1% (.09% absorption rate on the rock) vs. a minimum spec of 70%.  This indicates a far superior resistance to weathering foreces as compared to a carbonate/limestone based aggregate.  This is especially beneficial as the aggregate of choice in the "wearing course" top cap on Interstate Highways.
  • Sodium soundness test - crushed base combined yielded a score of 1 vs. a maximum spec of 18 (a low number is good) indicating maximum resistance to the freeze thaw cycle.
  • Mag Sulfate soundness test - crushed base yielded a score of 2 vs. a maximum spec of 18 (a low number is good) indicating a superior resistance to chemical breakdown.
  • LA Abrasion Loss % - Douglas Quarry crushed rock scored 14% out of a maximun spec of 50%.  This very low number is a measure of the degradation or loss of material due to impact and abrasive actions.
  • Deleterious Materials - Douglas Quarry crushed rock contains no deleterious materials such as organic impurities, clay lumps, or soft non-durable particles.
  • Douglas Quarry's Aggregate meets quality specs for both Portland cement concrete and hot mix asphalt.
  • Concrete Advantages - Douglas Quarry rock will enable you to use less water in concrete and give you the ability to hold your slump longer.